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dashboard funkiness

  1. Hey - I've been trying to write a post for an hour or so, but each time I open the dashboard to get to the draft, I get a wonky weird version of the dashboard, as if the underlying code were corrupted. Content is mostly there, but it overlaps itself and visually looks like a kindergartener's cut and paste job. And I can't add images or hyperlinks to my post. Any ideas what might be causing this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    I'm sorry but we cannot even begin to help you as we cannot locate your blog. Please post and active link to it starting with http://

    Also read this for clarity please >


    You know, when you first start a new question in Support, it asks you to identify the blog about which you have a question -- why does it do that if the information is not carried forward into the forum posting? In the past, I have always identified my blog when asking a question, but with the new "Is this the blog you have a question about?" feature, I didn't think I needed to anymore.

    Plus, how can you see my dashboard anyway?

  4. (1) We Volunteers who are answering your questions cannot see the form you entered the URL into. Only Staff can see it. That's why we ask for it.

    (2) We Volunteers cannot "see" you dashboard but when post the link to the blog in question we can then ascertain whether or not it's a wordpress.COM free hosted blog, or if you are one of the 30% posting here who have wordpress.ORG installs and are posting to the wrong support forum.

  5. If you want Volunteer help please post an active link to the blog in question starting with http://

    If you prefer to get support directly from Staff when they open again then ypu can use this link >

  6. Two things, try logging out of, clearing your cache and cookies and then logging in again (or try with a different browser).

    One other thing you might want to try is changing your Dashboard settings to always use https when logged into the Dashboard. This actually helped me out with the dashboard funkiness I was experiencing.

  7. PS One would think that the site info you enter when filling out the forum form would carry over, but obviously it doesn't. If you don't want to link your site to your username (recommended) then you'll just need to remember to give it when you post a thread.

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