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Dashboard has no info

  1. I just went to Dashboard - Dashboard. No info. I assume this is temporary?

  2. Hmm. Also, no feedback link. Strange things. Dashboard, dashboard still showing no info.

  3. That's very weird. You should email them at support at wordpress dot com. Hope this gets cleared up for you soon!

  4. Someone else commented on the missing Feedback in another thread. I see it fine in Netscape 7.2.

  5. Ah. If I click "IE Tab" I can see the Dashboard info, and also the Feedback link appears again. But those are invisible in Firefox Ver. running on Win XP Service Pack 2. Perhaps one of my Firefox Add-ons blocks the display? I can't imagine that WordPress wants us to use MS IE. And, of course, previously I could see those things just fine...

  6. Strange. Everything's back to normal today: full info on the Dashboard page, the feedback button's back. All working. Guess this can be marked "resolved" for now. Thanks to whoever did the fix.

  7. It's those SixApart gremlins yet again. :)

    Actually we've had issues with folks not seeing the dashboard feeds within my own WPMu setup. I still don't know if it's been resolved yet.

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