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    I’m currently one of multiple bloggers and we can’t find the option to have an open text box for latest updates etc. for the dashboard. Has this already happened and we just can’t find it? Can this happen? Even for people who are just single bloggers for a site, an open text box could be used for things such as “to do” etc. I know for me I’m so busy that to keep a “to do” list where I would be accomplishing it makes a HUGE difference.

    Please say that it’s just a click away vs. crossing my fingers that WordPress reads this and makes it available some time in the next year… if ever lol!

    The blog I need help with is beingrebekah.com.



    You could try using a Draft Post; that’s what many such blogs use.


    hmmm…. good idea! I still wish they’d just make that instead of us needing to do that haa! :) but thank you!! :)

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