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Dashboard Info Gone

  1. i'm gonna keep re-posting this so other ppl can at least get to their old dashboard....

    same here...what's a global dashboard? i'm surprised they didn't post a notice saying that some of the features will, my "view site" button takes me back to my dashboard instead of my live blog.

    however, i find that after you sign in, you can type your blog url in the same browser you signed on with, and type: "wp-admin/", you can go back to the old dashboard.

    for example:

  2. I have two blogs. I can access the dashboard for both by typing in their URL plus "/wp-admin" or using the meta widget.

    I'm a little miffed by the stat wipe; I was almost up to 6,000 hits on my main blog ... I know, a measly number, but I was still excited. What I find interesting is that although the blog stats have been wiped, the feed stats are not affected. Has anyone else noticed this? I wonder what WordPress did to cause this change.

  3. I have the exact same problem.

  4. mine is gone too, i have a main blog and its gone on my dashboard

  5. It happened to me while I was in the middle of a post. I thought I screwed something up big time, but I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this problem. Now we just wait for official word, I guess. I sent them an e-mail as well.

  6. Well, everything seems to be back to normal here!
    Very cool!!

  7. Oh well, ... it was good while it lasted I guess. 3 minutes maybe?
    Back to the same problem.

  8. Something is seriously wrong here.. my stats have gone to zero, I have no editing tools, why should I claim a blog that is mine anyway and I can't re-register it because it already exists..
    Has somebody been drinking at the WordPress central? Are we being hacked? Is this a sick joke? You choose.


  9. I'm having the same problem too. I'm glad I have company. Thanks for the workaround lmai83. Hopefully the team will fix this soon. Everyone help out any worried fellow bloggers if they don't know what's going on.

  10. My stats are back up, and my dashboard is back (although I haven't tested if it works, yet), but my blog still has a toolbar on the top saying, "Claim it!"

    I have faith in improvement! =D

    Oh...wait...refresh...and it's GONE! I for one am grateful for all the feverishly working computer-ers that fixed this problem. (If I find out that they calmly discussed it over cosmos and fixed it using one press of a button, I'll be a little disappointed.)

  11. My stats are back, but not everything (e.g. "top posts") is back to normal.

  12. transitionalstates

    Well, now my blog is switching back and forth between normal and messed up every other minute.

    I think whatever the wordpress guys are doing is working, and it's only a matter of a small bit of time before everyone's blogs are back to normal.

  13. Fixed now for me.

    What is probably happening when it switches back and forth is, you're pulling the page from different servers and they're not synched up properly. Should get straightened out soon. At least we know they didn't lose any data!

  14. I was trying to find this space, but I couldn't and I sent this, "Oh my god!!" Email to support, now I feel dumb, it is obviously something to do with an upgrade, but since we're all addicted to the internet, we don't know what to do. Doesn't this feel like when you were a kid and you wanted to watch a TV show very badly and your mom was like, "No, it's a school night," and you tried to explain it was very important and she was still like, "No go to bed, the world is not going to end."

    I'm going to do something productive like get up.


  15. Looks like we are golden again. Thanks AUTOMATTIC, knew you'd come through.

  16. Sending a feedback when something is broken isn't wrong. It's exactly what you should do, so don't feel bad. Checking the forum is good, too, but we've had cases where things became big storms on the forum and nobody bothered to send a Feedback, so staff didn't know till much later. Feedback is good.

  17. jeremiahandrews

    Smootches to the boys behind the curtain....

    Thanks guys...You rock !!


  18. Everything is back for me. :)

  19. owossoharpist2015

    My stuff's back, too! :) Thanks a lot for fixing the problem!

  20. Yep, I'm back in business.

  21. qualitybookreviews

    Well mine is back, I hope everyone elses is back also. Must not have been firefox - because I don't have firefox. Thanks guys!

  22. Oh I was going to say that you can access your blog by clicking on GLOBAL DASHBOARD, but I guess the problem is solved! HOORAH!

  23. Mine is back.. :D
    It safes my day..

  24. wo0t wo0t with a so0t. Every thing's back to normal. You really got to hand it to this amazing service!

  25. good again.
    What was the problem?

  26. Much love to the people who worked out the problem on the back end! Cheers!

  27. Everything seems back to normal for me except for that "more" link under "Incoming Links." Instead of bringing me to Google's Blogsearch page like it always has, it's still pulling up the option to add it to my bookmarks without leaving the page.

    Still, thanks to the guys who worked feverishly to get things back to normal as soon as possible!

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