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    I cannot post, or view anything on my dashboard. When I choose an action, the button shows that it has been clicked, but nothing happens. I have the left hand toolbars, but even the Help button at top right doesn’t respond.

    The blog I need help with is ohsweetwhatever.wordpress.com.



    Have tried deleting internet history, cookies, restarting your pc to see if that helps?


    I’m having the same problem, with one of my two blogs (the other seems fine). Will try the restart, etc…


    restarting and clearing history & cache for the last day did not help…


    I thought it was just me! Well, it’s official, I am my laptop’s b*tch.



    Same here. I missed prime news time this morning since I cannot post.



    I m having the same trouble since this morning with firefox, Dashboard still works in Safari or others browser but not firefox, i clean up all history, cookies n cache, disable all plug in, tried safe mode,…nothing;
    Does any one have an idea what s going on, no need to delete all my history and account in firefox if we are many having to have the same problem. During that time, i switch to safari but i prefer to use firefox, any help?


    misleading reply redacted by -sl1k

    Please re-frame from answering in the support forum if you don’t have a possible solution to the matter at hand thanks.


    I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve restarted today! Will try cookies etc.



    @beautiufullypractical: I use wordpress.com, is it useful to downlaod anything from wordpress.org?
    @ohsweetwhatever, i gave up, with firefox, try to use chrome or safari as web browsers, dashboard work fine for me there



    @beautiufullypractical: your suggestion is useless on WordPress.COM and quite misleading as the updates here are handled by the Staff and we are always a bit ahead of WordPress.ORG anyway

    Since all of you seem to have tried the standard, log out and clear cookies etc. then contact the Staff: http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ – with several people having similar problems they are probably aware of the issue but take no chances and notify them – that will also help them to see how widespread the problem is.



    I am having the same unresponsive dashboard problem.


    @auxclass It is not my suggestion, I pulled the info directly from WordPress. I agree however that the info turns out to be “useless” as you so bluntly put it.


    Just a sec…I apologize…you are correct and I am wrong. Again, my apologies. No need to beat me over the head any further!




    My intentions were not to beat you over the head with my reply… I was just simpling letting you know since your new please re-frame from answering in the support forum section unless you have a answer that pertains to the WP.com platform…

    I apologizes if my reply offended you… = )




    Passing thread on to staff via the moderator discussion blog


    Thanks all. And thanks sl1k for passing the details on to staff.




    You’re welcome!


    @sl1k. Thank you. I don’t usually make such mistakes. Lesson learned! Thanks for putting up with me.


    I’ve had the same problem since last night.Except it is unresponsive in all my browser including safari.It has to be on their end.

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