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    the css of my dashboard does not seem to be loadedwhere i havent moved or renamed anything.
    the dashboard is fully functionnal but has no style !
    the site itself is not affected by the issue, only the admin site.
    i am using the Hybrid templates. could there be any conflict ?
    i know this is not a very detailed question , but maybe someone has en countered such issue before (?)
    any help would be much appreciated ,




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    My CSS has also stopped working as well as several others that I have just recently visited. I’m sure it is a WordPress problem and not one you made.



    Just adding my “me too” to the list.

    It is clearly a WordPress issue. I’m sure they’ll be on it soon if they aren’t already!



    Glad to hear i am not the only one with this problem out here.
    the strange thing is that i work on several blogs and only one seems to be affected .
    the second strange thing is that first the dashboard page was affected, other pages as settings page or plugins or posts/pages pages weren’t affected by the issue. now the entire admin site is . For info i am using the latest wordpress version.

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