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Dashboard looks odd

  1. parallelworldsblog

    The back end of my blog - where I go to load or edit a new post, check stats etc, looks really strange - it's all listed down the left side of my screen. Is there any way I can get it back to normal?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You mean the navigation links look minimized, or is missing the text?

    Look in the left column, the last icon that looks like a small play button (or arrow) in a circle. Click that and it should expand the navigation bar back out.

  3. parallelworldsblog

    Hi Gureggu
    The whole page is white, and the text is in bullet points against the left of the screen. So it looks a little like this:
    * Reader
    * Stats
    * Freshly Pressed
    *my blog

  4. Does it look like this:

    If so, would you mind reading through this post to see if any of the suggestions fix your issue?

  5. parallelworldsblog

    Thank you so much - think it's sorted now!! Really appreciate your help.

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