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Dashboard menus are not working!

  1. samanthawansink

    When I enter the dashboard, the usually animated menus on the left-hand side are not working. I have to click on the menu item and wait for it to open the sub menus. When I go to the widgets section, I am not able to drag and drop any of my widgets and it will not open any of them for editing.

    Any suggestions?


    Samantha Wansink
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  2. Have you tried using a different browser to make sure the problems just not with the one you're using currently?

  3. I am having the same issues

  4. Same here.

  5. Both IE and Firefox are exhibiting these issues

  6. Chrome is too

  7. Google Chrome, too.

  8. Safari as welll.

  9. It's a widespread issue. A lot of things are on the fritz.

  10. Same here, they will not load on the main page and will not allow you to move and adjust the pages and categories under the menu. The menu will not even post either.

  11. samanthawansink

    I have tried a number of browsers and still no luck. I feel better knowing it's not just me but it would be great if someone had a solution...feel a bit helpless!

  12. It's fixed!

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