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Dashboard missing from top of blog

  1. I'm not sure why this happen to my blog at;

    I cannot view the dashboard at the top. I've already enable java script and also clear my cache (force reload too).

    Thank you. Pls help.


  2. The only javascript that is used on our blogs at is used by staff. If clearing your browser has not worked then I'm afraid you will have to send a feedback into staff. This is because volunteers do not have backend access to blogs and only staff do. The button is on the top right hand corner of any blog page.

    But before you do that would you tell us what browser and version of it you are using please? Perhaps drmike can help you if you provide this information.

  3. Thanks timethief. I'm using I.E.6.


  4. Okay now we'll wait for someone who uses IE6 to help you and if that doesn't work then you'll have to send in a feedback.

  5. I had this trouble on and off all last night on IE6. It's a backend issue, so do send a Feedback and maybe the WPers can get it sorted for you.

    Also, you can generally get to your dashboard by taking the URL of your blog and adding /wp-admin to it. You have to be signed in for that to work, of course, otherwise it just takes you to the signin page.

    Also, the blue bar is the absolute last thing to load when you're on the main blog page, so be sure you're being patient enough.

  6. Thanks. Yes typing the /wp-admin does help but still prefer the norm where the dashboard is display. Will try feedback.

  7. ok, finally it's back again and I wonder what's happening haha.

  8. I am having the same problem and it has not "fixed itself".

  9. Have you tried my suggestions?

  10. Home Page blue dashboard still AWOL- displays OK on all pages apart from Home Page. Using IE 6. Have cleared temp IE files and cookies but still fails to display when logged into Home Page, which means access to admin pages only accessible through Meta Admin widget. Have not cleared temp files as not sure what is meant by not deleting "files which have not been modified in last week". Any other suggestions welcomed.

  11. Whoops, an extra "not" crept in, there. That should have read "not sure what is meant by deleting files which have not been modified in last week".

  12. So it seems there's no solution to this, other crossing the fingers?

  13. Timethief put the instructions in the first reply. That's really all there is at the moment, so read it and follow all her suggestions.

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