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dashboard not displaying

  1. Hi, when I first started using WordPress, then the blue dashboard panel would always be at the top of my screen whenever I was on any wordpress page (mine or someone else's). Now it is not, nor do the 'edit' options appear on posts on the main page. I know I am logged in though, because when I hit on login on the meta links, it takes me straight to my dashboard, and I dont have to key in my details again.

    This happens with both firefox and IE btw. Help?

  2. Read some threads before posting, you'll learn a lot ;)

    There seem to be a few problems they're fixing, so just hang in there, we're all experiencing them :)

  3. thanks qbureau, I did read a lot of threads and tried to find where this problem was mentioned but couldn't.

    I didnt realise the problems were going on for so long, so sorry about that. thanks again

  4. I can't find any mention of this specific problem either, other than the post I just made in another thread. qbureau, would you mind providing a link to the 'blue nav bar is missing' thread so we can keep discussion in the same place? Thanks.

  5. I don't think you comprehended what I wrote. I didn't say there was a specific thread on it, just that there were obviously a lot of problems at the moment. People have been posting about various login related problems for days, there are several threads in different categories.

    If you go in your dashboard and read the Secure Blogging post listed under News, there is a small mention that they are still working out kinks in the login.

  6. While nine times out of ten a problem can be dealt with by saying 'read these other threads' or 'do a search', when somebody posts about an issue which hasn't actually been raised elsewhere that response isn't appropriate.

    I'm sure you mean well, but replies like 'read some threads before posting' and 'I don't think you comprehended what I wrote' do come across as rather patronising.

  7. You are reading things into my posts that I never said or meant. This isn't the place to pick on eachother, I was merely trying to be helpful and then you made me feel I had to explain myself since you made an implication.

    The specific issue was raised, 3 days ago. You are the second person to respond on that thread. I suppose you forgot which thread it was, as did I, otherwise you would have just linked to it yourself.

  8. Yes, you're right. I didn't remember it had been brought up there, since when I first responded the dashboard problem hadn't hit me yet. Thanks for the link.

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