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dashboard: not publishing posts/edits -???

  1. 14ideasforaname

    hi everyone,

    I've started my blog (turnsofendearment) back in September but for a while now I've been having problems with my dashboard writer, ie I can use it to write posts, add photos etc but when I hit 'publish' nothing comes up ( see posts here and here for examples). That was back in April when I was still on the WuWei theme. Lately I switched to TritonLite and when I tried to post thru the dashboard, the photo was published on the home page, but neither that OR the text showed in the post (see here). Also, when I try to go back to any of my posts to edit them, none of the changes get published in the 'edited' post, making the editing facility literally useless . .

    So far I've used the 'New Post' facility that shows when I'm logged in but that doesn't allow me to upload galleries of photos or preview the post - what to do?

    Also, since I switched to TritonLite, some of my new posts appear twice on their page (see here)

    what's with all this? Have I done something to drive my blog crazy?? Help!
    (cried the panicky new blogger, lol)

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer advice and help!


    (p.s.: I read in one of them 'Support' pages that the browser used could be causing the problems - I'm using Safari on a 10.5 Macbook, could this be the culprit?)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well, for one thing I suggest you STOP using the posting method you've been using. Use the full posting method which is on your dashboard under Posts->Add New.

  3. 14ideasforaname

    thanks for the reply, but whenever I tried to do so, my posts don't show at all, instead you get a blank post like this:

    .. hence posting the short-cut way

  4. 14ideasforaname

    . . and problem solved: I just downloaded Firefox and tried to post/edit something using that - seems and safari don't get along that well

    Thanks to anyone who read and tried to help!

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