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    My dashboard has not updated since the 8th of October. The Blog Stats page is still on the 8th as well. Is this happening to anyone else? Help?



    Do you have a wordpress.com blog?
    Or have you downloaded software from wordpress.org?
    If you do have a wordpress.com blog then please use this link to advise staff of your problem http://wordpress.com/contact-support/
    If you have downloaded wordpress.org software then the correct forum is here http://wordpress.org/support


    I’m having what may be a related problem, although mine just arose today and affects only one of my blogs. My latest post on http://www.writenow.wordpress.com doesn’t even show up as having even one page view. However, if I go to my manage tool, it shows one view. I logged out, typed in my own site, and found that Google has already picked up that particular post, and shows it to have been viewed through them 10 times.

    From time to time I have similar problems, although they usually resolve themselves.

    Any ideas?…

    Thanks much.


    Additional information: When this happens, I also receive no comments. While I am aware that not every post elicits a comment, it is unusual on this site. My other site, http://www.shirleybuxton.wordpress.com which usually has many less comments than http://www.writenow.wordpress.com, and has far less page views, has today received an average number of comments. This problem is definitely seen only on one of my blogs.



    I would contact staff for that one. It could well be that not all the Google views are counted by WP.com, since they will count even your own views, but the other issues are unusual.


    Thank you Raincoaster. I have contacted support.

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