Dashboard not working.

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    Been having problems with Dashboard when I log into my account. When the problems came up I did some research, cleared cache and cookies, updated my Flash and Firefox and the dashboard worked fine for a day. Now it is gone again.

    So I cleared cache and cookies and reinstalled Flash. Still no dashboard.

    Hear is what I see when looking at dashboard.


    Can anyone help? Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is denverblackbloc.wordpress.com.


    I’ll flag this for staff for you.


    Thanks. I can’t get to a link to contact them. Flash does not seem to be working right anywhere on wordpress.com for me.

    I have since last post reinstalled Firefox again completely from scratch and cleared cache and cookies. Still not working right.

    WordPress is also not working in a Chrome browser for me either. Seems as if my account might be jacked up or something.

    Thanks for the help. I will wait for staff’s responce.



    Someone using IE reported something similar today as well, and I noticed a similar thing on my external WP.org blog last week. Hopefully there’s a fix for this.



    Yes, JavaScript is enabled. Have now tested Chrome IE and Firefox. None of them work. Completely wiped my OS, Reinstalled, Loaded latest Browsers, Java and Flash. Not one of them displays the dashboard right.

    How can I get in contact with a WordPress support person?


    I made some progress finally. I do not know why but if I arrive at the above pictured screen from http://wordpress.com/ or http://wordpress.com/#!/read/ the screen and tabs will not function. If I arrive to the screen from any other link, for instance https://wordpress.com/#!/read/following/, the screen and tabs will work as they are supposed to. That is to say the full dashboard screen will load and switching between tabs and/or the settings screen works fine.

    So these pages are still non-functional for on my account.



    At least it is partially starting to work and there are some more clues.

    I have also tried everything in this thread as well including utilizing https.




    I am a WordPress support person.

    Are you using any sort of third-party anti-virus, security, or anti-ad software? If so, please try disabling them to see if that makes a difference.

    If not, do you have access to another computer that you could check from?


    Thanks macmanx. I didn’t realize that you were a support person.

    I do not have any “third-party anti-virus, security, or anti-ad software.” installed.

    I did try to access from a second computer running Windows XP. Both Firefox and Chrome on this computer failed the same as my Windows 7 machine.


    I have been having two problems. I first noticed a week or so ago that I could no longer open my reader. Not from my pc or from my android. Now I am trying to reveiw my email follows and I can’t open it either. I have done what has been said here. Cookies have been cleared and chrome is installed and set os my browser. Do you think there is a glitch in the theme I use?


    It turns out my problem was from not properly using chrome as my browser. Too bad though I have been used too using explorer for a long time. I guess I have to get used to something new and hopefully better. thanks

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