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Dashboard now crashes in Safari

  1. hello

    not sure if this is due to a recent tweak from the guys at WordPress, but the Dashboard no longer functions on my version of Safari. (1.3.2)

    It crashes intantly.

    Likewise, if i want to edit any of my posts the browser will crash.

    I'm having to use Firefox but would prefer if the Dashboard was stable across the Safari platform too.

    Is anyone else having this problem? If not, it might just be a problem with my computer.

    Before anyone suggests it, the reason I have not upgraded to a more recent version of Safari is because my Mac is more than 3 years old and OSX 10.4 is not recommended for Macs if they dont meet 10.4's minimum system requirements, which means a Safari upgrade is impossible.

    i realise it must be difficult to test websites against all versions of all browsers, but 1.3.2 is still used by about a third of all mac owners.

  2. sorry, just seen that there is another thread about this...

    but any reply here would be very appreciated.

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