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Dashboard problem with popup dialogs

  1. I wanted to write a new post today and I noticed that both URL and IMG popup dialog boxes in the editor are showing corrupted text - it's actually a TinyMCE template if I'm not mistaken (stuff with $ prefixes etc.) I did not check any other dialog. The browser (IE6) reports JavaScript error of invalid argument...

  2. Don't use TinyMCE. Pull away from the dark side. :)

    You may also want to clear your cache as it might be something corrupted.

  3. What Mike said, but just to add that if you can go get Opera or Firefox as they are much superior browsers to IE.



  4. There may be an error though with TinyMCE. (Wouldn't be the first one) I know that there was an upgrade recently on it rolled out to you guys.

    You may want to switch over to the normal text editor. At leasy until they get the bugs worked out.

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