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dashboard-search terms

  1. someonelsehasit

    under My Dashnoard,Manage,Posts....the search terms box seems to have pre filled search terms when i click inside the box. how did they get there? lol quite a few apply to my entries but tohers don't

  2. By "search terms box" do you actually mean the Categories box in the editor?

  3. someonelsehasit

    Search terms… then there is a box below it. it is located under the Manage area

  4. On the manage post page, at the left end of the filters is a search box. I think this is what the OP is talking about. Mine however does not have pre-filled search terms. I have to type in the term I'm searching for. I've never really used this function so I'm not sure exactly how it works.

  5. someonelsehasit

    yep,sounds like you got it! i have never used it either but happened to hover my mouse over it and then the list appeared. weird

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