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dashboard stats - unknown referrer

  1. hi all,

    from couple of days my blogs has increased from 2 unknown referrers and I don't know how to block it or what you guys would suggest me to do?

    the referrers are:

    [spam links removed]

    are these some kind of spams or how it is?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are other numerous threads about this topic in the forums.

    If you have referrer spam, please report them directly to Support, as they have requested.

  3. thanks for the links... will go through them...

  4. Staff have acted on this. Staff have created a filtering system. This situation is merely an annoyance. It does not affect your blog's standing with Google in any way.

    Staff have requested that we do not click the spam refferer links because that is what the spammers want us to do. They have also requested that we do not post any referrer information into forum threads, but instead that we report all spam reffer links directly to them. If you have not reported the links directly to Staff please do that now.

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