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    Are there any additional themes available somewhere else besides those in the Dashboard Appearance section for free WordPress users? They seem so limiting and there are so few to choose from. Surely there are more somewhere else? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is faireunvoeu.wordpress.com.



    Hi. I find it odd that you say there are “so few to choose from”. Have you browsed through all 103 themes available and not found anything that you like?

    In response to your question, no, you can’t upload themes on WordPress.COM. However, if you’d like to have more choice (over 1200 themes), you might consider a self-hosted WordPress.ORG blog:

    If you have a good knowledge of CSS, you can also pick a basic theme and customize it to your needs through a Custom CSS Upgrade:

    On a final note, there is a section in this forum devoted to theme suggestions. If you find a theme that is worth including, make a suggestion:



    By the way, when you said “free WordPress users”, I assume you meant WordPress.COM. If you already have a WordPress.ORG blog, you are in the wrong forum and need to ask your question here:


    Well, there are over 100 themes at appearance themes, and many of the ones released over the last six months have customizable backgrounds and background colors along with some that let you determine whether the sidebar is on the left or right, or both. Some have sidebars at the bottom instead of on the sides, and one even has them at the top.

    The thing is, this is a modified multi-user version of wordpress with restrictions and features not found in the normal stand-alone version of wordpress, so themes from outside of wordpress.com have to be modified to work here, and since we cannot upload themes, it simply isn’t possible. Each theme introduced here has to be inspected very carefully for security issues and then it has to have all the stuff necessary to support the features and restrictions here added or in some case taken out of the theme before it can be introduced. They also have to go through testing with all browsers and all versions to make sure they are substantially bug free before release.

    If you want a theme from outside wordpress, then you will have to have the necessary expertise to set up and manage a website on a third-party web host and will be responsible for all installations, all upgrades, all backups and all troubleshooting.

    If you have CSS editing experience, a lot can be done with the themes here with the CSS upgrade, but to really trick things out, you need that experience. There is no official support for the CSS upgrade and only a couple volunteers here that answer CSS related questions.


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