Dashboard: Time Stamp, Save?

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    I started a post –FRIDAY afternoon. Among other things:

    -I don’t have a “save” button
    –“on the left” as I read in one of these threads.

    -There’s no “time stamp”
    –I’ve looked for it, clicked on each tab on top; cleared cache (in a fresh browser page, to see if it appeared), and I’ve *Searched, but either no one else has these missing from “new” “improved” Dashboard –or the *Search system doesn’t post things so fast. I can see it when page is loading, but once the page is finished: it’s gone. How to get?

    -*Categories: utterly clueless where those are/how to find
    How to add to the bottom of content….?

    Searched a LOT of threads, but cannot find. I cut/pasted the content, written so far, into Word, to protect when puter crashes and while I Search, wait for reply. But I’d LIKE to finish/Publish it, oh sometime this week….

    Since the content is/was timely –regarding “April 4th” –I don’t care to look stupid, by posting it a day later; cannot find the time-stamp to re-set it to April 4th.

    Anyone having these probs? Any ideas –where to find those tools?

    I’m on:
    IE 6
    Win98 se

    If it’s unclear: loathe the “new” “improved” Dashboard; waiting for: last Dashboard to return. Writing and well, all by itself, hard work; learning/coping with changes of thing that wasn’t broken: not enough pay/utterly devoid of fun-amusement.

    Forum: lol, Anyone get a giggle out of sticky topic about the new Dashboard marked
    “resolved” “closed” –so no comments, yet: his avatar is slapped right over his text! duh, not fixed so much. LOL, only giggle I’ve had since yesterday.


    PS Why did “edit” link for posts to Forum disappear?



    The Save button is in the box to the right of the editor.

    To change the timestamp, in the same box, where it says “Publish Immediately” or “Published On”, click the Edit link.



    Thanks for replying.

    -“Save” –did not know if THAT would close it/put it back into saved queue.
    Unsure, but since you’re a Key Master:
    -clicked on “save” –a few times, nothing happened, but since you’re a KM, kept on (!) and page did ‘pop’ sorta, seemed to “save”

    -Time stamp: no way, would I have found that, without your answer. Uh, there’s a Reason –it’s hidden –now? (Why does image appear: rat-maze-me….)

    -Cat’s: (grudgingly) it has Always annoyed, that they weren’t in alpha order, no matter what I did, repeatedly, to get them into alpha order in Sidebar…but now: they are. ‘Bout time. Will Cat’s: go on my post –in the order that I click on them
    alpha order? Actually on posts I want the Cat’s to go: in the order in which I click on them –makes Big difference.

    Since you are KM, I/All want to know: why was new Dashboard
    –launched this way
    –launched without even ‘heads up’ –like: notice put on Dashboards –date, time of switch
    –sprung without testing –before de-bugged
    –no opt in/out choice

    I don’t envy your week-end. But: thank you for replying. I’m still Plenty annoyed, but at least two mysteries Solved; I can finish both April 4-relevant posts.

    -“edit” button: for Forum posts, ETA it will reappear?

    d a V i n e R e m e d y



    In the Manage Posts screen, the new version of WordPress has discarded the hours/ minutes/ seconds timestamp and there’s only the date timestamp. We use the hours/ mins/ etc to sort the layout and order of the posts for a particular day and it used to be easy to see the time of each post so we can set the time of other posts relative to each other for the same day. Now in the overview page, we just see the date and have to open each post to see its timestamp in order to adjust time of posting. Please can this functionality be reinstated to make life easier!

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