Dashboard visual editor not displaying images again

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    Anyone having problems with the visual editor? I see that on wordpress.org the forums are filled with this issue after a dashboard upgrade, has this affected wordpress.com? the issue started 2 days ago I assumed it would go away, tried all 3 main browsers firefox chrome and internet destroyer.um I mean explorer.

    The blog I need help with is ufohunterorguk.com.



    I haven’t seen any reports of it on WP.com. There are known issues with Chrome, though.


    Oh dear, thanks for replying ! Oh well im reporting one now lol, there is a issue also the ability to copy and past does not work it just displays text only with link not working as if your using the html editor, the visual editor is out to lunch!



    Are you talking about WordPress.ORG or WordPress.COM? And what browser and version are you using?


    wordpress.com and all browsers are the same



    What country are you in? China, among others, is censoring WP and if the image servers are in a particular country the images might not show up.


    Im in the uk so it shouldnt be that although censorship is widespread!


    I think you could be right about the censorship issue although I believe the source of the censorship may be nearer than we think ;))

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