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Dashboard: Where Did "Top Posts" Go??

  1. Hello, there used to be a Top Posts section on the dashboard showing the top posts from around Where did that go?? (waaaaah - I want it back!)

  2. I see it on mine. It's an offsite RSS feed. Probably the feed went down for a second.

  3. Hmm. I see top blogs (4) and fastest growing (7) but no top posts.

  4. That's odd. I logged into my other blog and I can see them.

  5. Computers on the internet do go down on occasion. :)

  6. That's true. I keep forgetting how big the internet is.

  7. I'm getting this problem again myself; also getting the YouTubes-turning-to-white-boxes problem as well. Is anyone else experiencing either of these things?

    The Top Posts and Most Recent Posts sections have been missing for several hours at this point.

  8. All fixed now :)

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