dashboard-widgets page doesn't work anymore

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    Your username is linked to a deleted blog. Please link it to the blog you are having this issue with. It’s very easy to do. Here’s how to link your username to your blog in your blog Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Account Details. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Primary Blog‘ select the URL for your primary wordpress.com blog and then save changes.

    Now every time you sign into the forum we can all click on your username and your blog will be linked to it. And every time you leave a comment on a blog your username can be likewise clicked and your blog can be instantly located.



    Thought it was me!!!

    I have spent the last hour messing about and am very frustrated with dashboard widgets. Unable to change the widgets on the bog.



    We are all frustrated and that’s why it’s a good time to consider walking away from your blog temporarily and finding something uplifting to do.



    I have the same problem with widgets. it’s really frustrating. I hope they will do something when they come back from the weekend.



    I could be wrong but I believe that Staff aren’t “away” at all. I believe they are all working flat-out in the backend implementing changes and addressing the broken-ness caused. Closing the support links simply means they can focus on the work they are doing rather than being fragmented while trying to cope with support tickets, as well as, being expected to rise to the expectation of some by appearing on the forums to appease and pacify unhappy bloggers by saying: “we are working on it”.

    IMO doing the latter would be a time waster that would also be loaded with the expectation that they would answer to all the rants that have been posted and read more ranting. I’m not among those who want to rant at them and have them respond to my ranting.

    The picture I see is we free hosted WordPress.com bloggers are guinea pigs and all Staff need to know is where and when and what breakage has occurred and then they will fix it. And that’s why it’s a good time to consider walking away from your blog temporarily and finding something uplifting to do.



    Hey, timethief. You might be right. But i wasn’t saying that they were away like it’s a bad thing. They are as entitled to weekends as all of us are.
    And I think that some of the people that experience this problem have upgraded and pay for a better blog. At least them (myself NOT included) deserve to be told at least that there is an inconvenience.

    As to walking away from blogging, yeah, it’s a good idea. No point in getting upset over nothing.Let’s be honest, nobody died (or is dying) :-)


    @timethief: Basically you’re completely right, and I’ve begun to compose a very uplifting blog post right now ;-) But, while maybe getting off topic, I want to point out that I myself happen to _pay_ for my WP.com account. I don’t pay to be a guinea pig. I expect a little service. Closing down support over the weekend in my view is something people may have done back in 1992, but is just not acceptable in 2012 anymore… This is not intended as a rant, just an expression of disappointment :-o



    And I think that some of the people that experience this problem have upgraded and pay for a better blog. At least them (myself NOT included) deserve to be told at least that there is an inconvenience.

    We are all on free hosting reagrdless of how many upgrades we purchase. Every upgrade (I have some for both of my blogs) is specific. We get only what we pay for an nothing beyond what we pay for. The supporrt documentation clearly states what does not chnage in each and every upgrade entry. Volunteers have to answer those who think they purchased some special status beyond what the upgarde stated. I just ain’t true.

    We canot purchase any special status by purchasing an upgrade for our blogs. There is no paid hosting upgrade and that’s our reality. If we were paying WordPress.com for hosting, then our expectation regarding notice of chnages could and would be quite different.



    Exactly my point @henkvansetten. The lot of us who don’t pay for their account may be very well understanding the situation or just accept it as it is. But the ones who upgraded , deserve some service back, even at weekends. :)



    @annacondor @henkvansetten
    I get what I paid for when it comes to upgrades. I don’t expect anything more than what I purchased. But rather than getting into the

    • I have more upgrades than you do and I read the support documentation and you don’t

    type of exchange, I’m going to drink a cup of green tea.



    My widgets page just snapped back to normal. Not sure what happened. I didn’t do anything that I can think of.


    Hi everyone. Apologies for the delay. I’m trying to reproduce the problem you guys have described and so far I can’t. Here’s what I tried:

    1. Logged in as my test username
    2. Opened the Appearance → Widgets page in by blog dashboard
    3. Check to see if widgets look normal and if I can change
    * Results: Widgets look normal and work for me.

    For reference, I tested from Firefox 10.0.2 and Chrome 17.


    So it’s fixed for at least one person?

    Please refresh your pages, or try logging out and back in again, and report back if you’re still having any troubles.



    Well, for me the situation is the same. it’s not working.
    I logged out,logged back in, refreshed my pages.Both browsers (Firefox + Opera) don’t seem to care…


    Problem not solved for me too, widgets page still looking strange and still not working. Deleted browser cache, cookies, everything for a fresh reload, but no dice.


    Okay, so far it doesn’t seem like a browser-related issue, so next thing to check are local settings and/or similarities between people reporting the problem.

    1. Can you check to see if you are viewing widgets in accessibility mode? To check, go to Appearance → Widgets and check the Screen Options tab at the top right.

    2. Could it be location specific? What ISP are you using?

    3. Are you using a specific firewall or anti-virus software that could be blocking one of the scripts required to make the pages work?


    @henkvansetten, any chance you could post a screenshot showing your broken widgets page? If not, no worries.



    Mine is still broken, you saw my screenshots above :)



    And as I showed before, it’s not just the Widgets page.



    Glad I read this thread before I had my own melt down.

    Assume I am not alone. Using 2010 on http://www.idonotdespair.com

    Widgets and Archives disappeared to the bottom of the page.

    Order of posts gone to pot, some posts appearing much wider and at the bottom of the page. Got is checked by another user using Chrome, I use IE so it is not the browser. Any help welcomed.

    Any help welcomed

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