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dashboard-widgets page doesn't work anymore

  1. Also in Europe (Norway), have experienced the same problem on three computers, using Mozilla Firefox 11.0, Google Chrome 17.0.963.79, and Internet Explorer 8 with and without compatibility mode, plus Safari on my iPhone 3GS with IOS5.0.

    Tried the https:// option and it worked for me, too.

  2. Hi,

    Was going nuts since last night until I found this thread just now. Thanks!! it works for me with the "https", I am in Europe (Holland) too. That one little "s" can make such a difference.... They should automatically redirect or put a message when you login to save people from going nuts...

    Thx guys!

  3. @mariekefeenstra, thanks for posting! The problem appears to be that some people located in Europe are not able to load supporting files which are served through a CDN. This indicates the problem is not with the servers we manage directly, however, we can try to gather more details which may help us to track and report the issue to the CDN provider in that area.

    You shouldn't have to adjust the HTTPS setting, but that is a workaround that helps in cases like this until the issue can be fixed upstream.

    If we can get more info, that would be very helpful! Here are the things we need to know in case anyone experiencing the problem can help test it for us:

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