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dashboard-widgets page doesn't work anymore

  1. Hi,
    I'm using K2-lite theme (in case this matters). Last time I changed something to my sidebar widgets was 4 days ago, then everything still worked fine.
    Today, the dashboard-widgets page does not work right anymore. My hunch is there's some script not working properly. Instead of the normal layout, the page looks weird. It just lists all widgets (used and unused ones, all open in full, no one just as bar) below each other. There are no drag areas anymore at the left and right, so I cannot add or remove widgets.
    Because all widgets are listed in full, I can still try to change something. For example, all text widgets are shown with their complete text content and save button. But if I change some content and hit "Save", I get redirected to a blank page with the text: "Are you sure you want to do this? Try again". Clicking "Try again" gets me back to the widgets page without any change having been saved.
    All this is very frustrating because it means I cannot make any changes in my blog's sidebar now! And I need to make some of those changes...
    I would very much appreciate any help.
    BTW: just to make sure, I tried the dashboard-widgets page in two different browsers, Opera11 and IE9. In both, I got the very same problem of a weird-looking and not-working widgets page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I’m having the same problem. (Twenty Ten, Mozilla Firefox) Anybody a solution for this? It would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

  3. The widget pages has been weird on IE for ages. I use Chrome - not sure of that will help you guys, but worth a try. Same thing for editing image settings - IE9 won't do it, Chrome will.

  4. Also Dashboard --> Menus doesn’t work properly.

  5. using Structure theme and having same problem. I did see a request to add an additional plugin???

    same probs widget panel in full and not able to see sidebar section or make amendments ie drag and drop.

    I am relieved that this not only my problem. I think it is probably internal so hope it has been noted by the tech guys/gals :(

  6. Hi There
    I have the same problem.Last time I changed something to my sidebar widgets was yesterday and everything worked fine. Today, the dashboard-widgets page does not work right anymore.
    I use IE9 and chrome but the problem exists.
    email : [email redacted]

  7. Tried most common browsers
    Google Chrome

    still nadda

  8. I have the same problem. Nothing in the dashboard is correctly visualized and I haven't changed or upgraded anything recently :(

  9. I have the same situation, too.

  10. Me too! Using Sandbox and the most recent version of Firefox.

    As of about an hour ago my dashboard and other admin wordpress pages started to look weird, the graphical, 'pretty' interface has pretty much gone. For example, look at my widgets page.

    I've cleared Firefox's cookies and cache, I even looked at it in IE (I know, horror!) and the same problem is there.
    See the attached images.

    Three images to show what I mean;

    It had been working all day yesterday, up until about 10PM GMT, I didn't change ANYTHING before it stopped working, it just happened.

  11. @pyratus: Thanks for posting screenshots, should've thought of that myself. Your widgets page looks wrong in exactly the same way as mine.
    @all: Thanks for your confirmations. I think we can assume now it's not us - there must be some snag at the side.
    Would anyone know the best way to report this to WP technical staff, so we can get them to look into this asap?
    Thx again, Henk

  12. Where I said "as of about an hour ago" is what I typed out last night, oops. But yeah, it's been like this for about 12 hours now.

    Hope WP can fix it and I'm glad I'm not alone in this :/

  13. pyratus: Thanks for posting screenshots. Your widgets page looks wrong in exactly the same way as mine.
    I dont know the best way to report this to WP :(

  14. Just went to the WP Support-Contact page at only to find that it says: "Support will be closed over the weekend. We will reopen on Monday morning, March 19th."
    I find this very disappointing. They have me pay for an upgraded blog account, but they offer no service at all in the weekend? What kind of prehistoric attitude is this? Sigh...

  15. Henkvansetten: I, too, pay for several upgrades and have done for about 2 years. It's a shame that there's a lack of support at the weekend, which is when I'd surely think there would be more people blogging anyway?

    Regardless, this sucks :/

  16. Yeah my widget page looks the same as the screen shot above. Glad it's not just me.

  17. a few minutes ago I check widget page from windows mobile device using opera mobile, widget page looks correct.

  18. deleteaccount2012

    my widget dashboard is broken the same (I tried on ie8, firefox, opera)
    but my wife's blog don't have that problem and we share the same pc and laptop.

  19. the problem is not the pc or laptop, is not the browser, neither the account...
    is very strange and seems that is not wordpress error.

  20. Just accessed my WP dashboard from another computer. On that laptop, the widget page is messed-up too.
    So stergiog, I don't understand what makes you think it's not a WP error? I would say this does indicate that it is an error in some WP script, css, or something like that...

  21. accessed my WP dashboard from another computer too and the widget page is messed-up, but from my phone (windows mobile) the widget dashboard is displayed correctly.

  22. Yes, so this suggests that the different script and/or CSS that WordPress uses for small-screen mobile phones is still working okay, but that the standard script and/or CSS that they use for normal computers does not work all right.
    As I have no smartphone, I can not check if the site still does work allright on a phone here. But your info only confirms my idea that there's something wrong at the WordPress side, not at our side.

  23. Henk, I really hope that the problem is at the WP, cause I dont know what else can we do to fix it.

  24. @sandraoxford
    You asked about plugins and the Structure theme. Pease read this article Introduction to the Structure theme, so you comprehend how the version we have is designed to operate at
    Then please read this entry do you know that there is no FTP access to free hosted blogs and we bloggers cannot install plugins.

  25. Exactly the same problem too. Same way like on user pyrate pictures. I Use IE. I hope they solve the problem quickly. My site is based on Nishita theme.

  26. Hello,

    I have the same promlem at theme selecta

    Hope it will be fixed soon.

  27. Yeah, it definitely seems to be a problem on's side, we're all using different themes, browsers, different blogs, and it seemed to happen at the same time. Hmm.
    I can't imagine it being linked to any paid upgrade, because that shouldn't really alter the dashboard's html/css, but it isn't happening to everyone (apparently,) so I'm stumped. I've tried everything I can think of.
    Of course, I can still blog, but it's a bit of an inconvenience especially as I've just redesigned my whole site and still need to tinker with the widgets.
    Looks like we'll be waiting until Monday guys :/ Let's hope they figure it out. Definitely not our problem. x

  28. deleteaccount2012

    my guess is about java. I had some almost similar problems with this kind of display on the new myphpadmin interface. it's an automatic script who detect the monitor display then show us the way it suppose to be excepting now... I really miss the old school instead of those "smart" scripts that crashes very easy.

  29. Yes, I think you're right seeing as those applets/scripts work on the Java platform. I've tried re-installing Java myself, even tried upgrading to Java 7 (work in progress,) but nothing. Likely to still be on WordPress' end.

  30. I'm having a widget problem myself: the widget page is all intact but I am trying to activate the image widget and am able to drag it over, get the pop-up box and fill out all the EXACT needed criteria there, doing exactly what is called for but then when I click on "save" nothing happens. And it never appears on my blog...I've done this over and over again, trying any new little "glich" I can think of, but still nothing. It is so frustrating....Does anybody out there have any tips on this default, or is it likely another wordpress technicality? Any advice or insight would be much appreciated.


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