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Dashboard "Your Stuff" listing

  1. On the Dashboard page under the "Your Stuff" heading there are both a "New post" listing and an "Updated" listing for the same post.

    1. Are both the original post and the update stored separately someplace on
    2. If I delete one does that automatically delete the other?
    3. Why are both listed?
    4. If I update the same post a dozen times will each update be listed separately on the Dashboard page?


  2. Earl

    1. No. You made the original post, then you updated that post. It records the update that you made. It's still the same post.
    2. As it's the same post, if you delete it, it's gone. I would think that the "stuff" would record the deletion of the post too.
    3. I don't know. Try it. I would think it's set to only record the last update that you made to the post.


  3. 3. Not, it only shows one update entry. But don't remember if works with updates between days.

  4. Thanks for the help.

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