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Dashes and quote marks

  1. I have noticed that usually the opening quote mark gets screwed up if it is not immediately preceded by a space. In other words:

    non- "big names"

    renders as:

    non- ”big names”

    You notice that the "opening" quote mark is incorrectly rendered as a closing quote mark. The solution is to span the space thusly:

    <span style="margin-left:-.35em;"> </span>

    When I am coding this is a CSS file, I call the class ".reverse" (appropriately enough). This little trick can actually be used to accomplish to things:

    First, as in the sample above (you can see this live at < >, paragraph 5) this allows you to insert a space for the purposes of coding while hiding it visually to the reader. This can be used to allow for a line wrap in a long text string which would not otherwise wrap and might extend beyond the bounds of a container.

    Second, it can be used to prevent a line wrap by replacing the standard space with a non-breaking space. This will allow you to prevent a line wrap a hyphenated word that might otherwise wrap.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Whoops. The line:

    "When I am coding this is a CSS file..."

    should read:

    "When I am coding this in a CSS file..."

    Sorry about that.

  3. Another typo. The code:

    non- "big names"

    should read:

    non-"big names"

    Sorry about the 'cut and paste' error.

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