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Database access?

  1. twolffparkrapids

    Hi guys, I'm a web designer that is currently getting out of the website hosting business. One of my clients is running a wordpress site on my server at the moment (including thousands of users) and they want to switch their hosting to yet I can't really find any documentation to tell me whether or not I will have database access once they get an account with so I can import their users etc. Is this possible, will I have some kind of access to the database? If I don't with, how on earth am I going to move all of their users etc.?
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  2. No you will not have database access. This is a wpMU (wordpress multi-site) blogging platform. You simply create an XML export file of the content and then import it into a free hosted blog.

  3. I believe this will also be helpful > vs The Differences

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