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    Hi, I’m new to CSS and these two items using the Chateau theme have me stumped.

    1.How can I move the Tags from floating left down to the footer? I’d like them to appear at the end of my posts as opposed to floating left.

    2. How do I move the date info from floating left to maybe appearing as one line directly under the post title?

    This theme is really attractive but I believe those left floating items are causing my sidebars to not be seen properly when using mobile devices. I’m hoping that by moving them, my sidebars will appear next to the posts.

    The blog I need help with is



    1. The following will put your tags below the post content, with Tags on one line, and the listing of tags below them on a second line. To have them both on one line is a little tricky and the two solutions I’ve tried blow up when you narrow the browser window down because of the responsive design.

    .post-content {
        padding-bottom: 100px;
        position: relative;
    .post-extras {
        bottom: 0;
        position: absolute;
        right: 0;
        width: 75.8%;
    .post-extras p, .post-extras p strong {
        float: left;
        text-align: left;

    2. Moving and restyling the date runs into the same issues due to the responsive design and I’ve not gotten this to cleanly work so far. Another issue with this is that things go awry when post titles go from one line to two or three.



    Hi TheSacredPath,

    Thanks so much for your quick response and sharing. I initially wanted to move the tag and date because for some reason you can’t view the sidebar on ipads or iphones. My sidebar comes across as a footer on these mobile devices. I thought moving the date and tags may solve that issue. If I just leave the tags and dates where they are in the Chateau theme is there anyway for the sidebar to be viewed properly?


    On an ipad/tablet, and on iphones/smartphones, the sidebar drops down to the bottom below the content since the content is the most important. You, and your visitors on tablets or phones just have to scroll down past the content.

    I do see however, that you have the mobile theme activated at Appearance > Mobile. Since you are using a responsive theme, you can disable that. Give that a try and look on a tablet or phone. You may have to clear the caches on the tablet and/or phone as they rely heavily on them to reduce data usage.


    I took a look at your site on my phone and see you now have the mobile theme disabled and your site is looking great. I’m going to mark this thread as resolved, and if you have more questions, please let us know.



    I also use the Chateau theme and have a similar question: I would like to make my tags invisible, rather than have them appear to the left of my blog posts.

    I have a WP Premium account, and my blog is at

    I tried putting this code below in CSS but it does not seem to work. I am brand new to customization:

    .entry-tags {
    display: none;



    You probably copied this from a reply that referred to a different theme. On Chateau you need this:

    .post-extras {
        display: none;


    thanks so much Justpi, this did exactly what I wanted.

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