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Date and time not shown on main page

  1. Hi there,

    I'm a newbie on and can't figure out why the date of my latest post isn't showing on the main page? I've added the calender but it doesn't seem to be showing which date the page was published?

    My blog is


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have set your main landing page as a static page instead of the standard blog page which shows your posts. Pages are for static material that seldom changes, and that is why dates or times are not shown on pages. Posts will show dates, but I am unaware of any themes here that show times on posts.

    Just in case you unfamiliar with the differences between posts and pages I'm including the following link to a support document that explains the difference:

  3. Thanks for your help.

  4. You're welcome.

  5. The Thirteen Theme shows the time of a post.

  6. jalexartis
    Typo alert:
    but I am unaware of any themes here that show times on posts.
    should read:
    but I am unaware of any themes here that show times on pages.

  7. Kubrick shows dates and times of posts and comments.

  8. No dates or time on pages, though.

  9. Seems rossfromwash's got a thing with comments: more than half of his forum posts today refer to comments in response to questions that have nothing to do with comments.

    For the record, the posting time is displayed in 23 themes. Kubrick is not one of them.

  10. Makes sense because his blog is mostly comments.

    You should have a blog with all these interesting tidbits you pop up with!

  11. (Crossed my mind...)

  12. That's great!

  13. Well, I guess i'll leave to help forum to you experts. You seem to be doing a fine job. You've helped me so much I dont even feel the need to post in this forum anymore. Its kind of like someone asks you if the sky is blue, you run outside look and come back and say, no its grey today. Thanks so much!!
    By the way, I do know the difference between posts, pages and comments. But if you think about it, you can work around the limitations and manage to achieve the effect you want, even if its not what the terminology you are using seems to suggest you would like to do.
    Instead of saying constantly, you cant do this and you cant do that, how about saying, "you can do this to achieve the desired effect".

    Q: ...can't figure out why the date of my latest post isn't showing on the main page?

    Then after explaining why it is not showing.....

    A: You could work around that problem by manually typeing in the date and time on the "page" or "post".

    Yes i'm off topic, thanks for the reminder. Have fun "helping" people.

  14. Door, ass, you know how it works.

    I know friends of yours who worked for Obama. They say you're a total pain in the ass and they can't take you anywhere, because you're not properly socialized.


  15. wow. raincoaster,

    did I miss something?

    There are annoying people sometimes, but usually you are so polite. Some of annoying folk annoy even me and this one seems to be saying good-bye…

  16. Oh, this dude has blown a lot of hot air and acted like a know-it all while giving the wrong answers from day one, so I've had my eye on him. It takes a lot to make my radar, but he did it. He's an ass.

    And what I said his cohorts said about him? Is absolutely true. That's what they said.

  17. ok.
    I did answer the fellow on this forum,and thought he was not understanding basic concepts of life, well blogging…
    Some folk go their own way.
    Thoreau and different drummers

  18. I honestly think he does NOT understand the basic concepts.

  19. When did you become such an asshole Lorraine? You honestly do NOT understand the basic concepts. In fact your prolific garbage is only rivaled by your OWN hot air. We are all tired of hearing it.

  20. Ah, the old "the lurkers are with me." I haven't seen it in so long I thought it had retired.

    If you can look up my real name, Ross, you have perhaps also realized that I live in a different country. If I've heard this, many MANY people have heard this. And they've just seen this, too.

  21. 37OH55V
    to him then.

    Let him stand on his head to read that!

  22. Ah, uplifting the mighty l33t club to smash enemies! (it really is a full moon, isn't it?)

  23. raincoaster,
    Sorry if this is a sore point (I had dealings with that ross guy and did not "get" him), but I've not heard of "l33t club" before. It's sort of interesting. The upside down writing came to me from digital clocks on sleepless nights, and word puzzles. Never knew there was a name for it before.

  24. It's just a mashup of "leet speak" and an old Samuel Johnson quote: Uplifting the club of Hercules to brain a gnat.

  25. I was not intending to comment here again but the preceding posts are begging for a response. I doubt that I am known so far and wide as "raincoaster" suggests. I am a Conservative and voted for McCain/Palin. Some few Liberals do have a problem with me because of my sarcasm and pointing out inconsistancies in their flawed arguments. They should grow a thicker skin.
    "raincoasters" accusations are ridiculously false. Anyone who has read my comments knows this. He/she is a liar or repeating a liars words. He/she cannot think outside the box and can only parrot comments made by others.
    As for your insulting discription of your opinion of me, it shows just how small your minds really are. You certainly justified my comments about some of the help in this forum.

  26. I'm not even an American; I'm only repeating what I was told and the reason I'm hitting you with this is that you have been condescending and impolite, yourself. Once you stoop to that level, you cannot complain about other people doing the same to you.

    Look, you've repeatedly made statements of seeming fact in the forum and refused correction in a high-handed manner. You need to either stop contradicting and insulting people with more technical skills and experience than you, or you need to get used to this treatment. It wouldn't be such a problem, but you've been giving beginners the wrong information and been giving the more experienced attitude, so this is a problem for everyone.

  27. "Your problem" was gone until you stooped to making false accusations, telling lies and using personal insults. Seems to me you are the bigger problem here.
    I made maybe a total of a dozen comments over a period of 3-4 months on this forum. There were plenty of other differing opinions. You are grossly exaggerating any possible harm my comments could have caused even assuming they were incorrect. As for "attitude" your's makes mine pale in comparison.

    Cease commenting about me, stop your posting of lies and false accusations.
    If you simply do that, I wont comment in this forum again.

  28. I don't take orders, it's that simple. I'm okay with the fact that you dislike me. And I don't even want to prevent you from posting in the forum. I only want you to back up and realize that you need to be surer of your facts and more polite when you DO post. There are lots of people here other than me who know what they're doing and who don't deserve condescension like you've displayed here:

    I am also perfectly willing to agree I could have gotten the wrong information about your work in the campaign and apologize for that. I'm sorry. I was wrong about that. And it is, of course, entirely ad hominem and extraneous to the whole point of the discussion. Fair enough.

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