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    Hi all,
    For the very first time I tried to publish a post by setting the time I wanted it to publish via the dashboard.

    I first checked my settings to make sure I was still in the right time zone (UTC + 2 for Central European Summer Time) and then set it to publish at 15.50, or about 7 hours later.

    The time came and went and it didn’t publish, though I did notice via manage drafts that it showed I’d edited the post around the time I wanted to publish.

    Weird. Does this often happen? Did I utter the wrong incantation?



    Hi! When you say “set it to publish” did you click Save or Publish? Saving only saves. Publish will publish it at the specified time.


    Well, I guess I’ll try that next time. Thanks!



    You’re welcome!


    I see that it shows up as Scheduled (1) in the dashboard. Whee..! I learned something new today.

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