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Date change before midnight

  1. Hi,

    On my stats, hits for the next day will show up 3-4 hours before midnight. This is really frustrating. Under settings, timezone, I have it set for UTC -5 (EST) and is shows properly on the settings page but my stat counter still hits 3 -4 hours early. Anyone know why?


  2. There you go it is 9:40 pm here


  3. The stats are kept for all blogs here at wordpress.COM on UTC. It still covers 24 hours, just the 24 hour period starts at what is 7pm EST (I'm in the same time zone). There is nothing you can do about it.

  4. Thanks for the reply . . . it seems to me that this should be an easy fix . . . it has never been a problem for me on other blogs . . . oh well i guess that I will have to live with it . . . thanks again for the help


  5. I guess my confusion is why bother setting the UTC?


  6. You can set the time on your own blog to display on the posts etc, but the stats are system wide and you can't control when they start and stop. It would be meaningless "I've got 33 hits" says one guy whose day started an hour ago, while his buddy whose day is at hour 23 says "oh yeah? I've got 225!"

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