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date change of post = url change?

  1. gooood day to ya!

    if i change the date of a post does it change the url too?

    does that stuff up, it being found for a second time, months later?

    ie if i have bookmarked a post and then it's date is changed and i have also rss'd it - does it then show as NOT Found?

    or if pinged? or what ever else one can do to a post at creation date?

  2. yes, the url changes itself but you can edit the url to make the old url remain if you want.

    yes, the original url would be invalid if you change the date later, after publishing the post.

    it may ping twice but i'm not sure.

  3. thanx v much for this -
    its a tad too technical for me to change back to old urls - running the risk of really messing up!
    i think i will wait to meet an IT geek in my neck of the woods
    they are a tad scarce - most people don't know what a blog is and i find it quite hard to explain it to them as im not too sure either!

  4. glad to help. if this is too technical, just try not to change the date then. :)

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