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Date format shows as F, j not actual words/numbers

  1. Hello all, You will have gathered I have just started a blog and I'm already completely screwed up and baffled. I filled in the way I wanted the date and that's exactly what shows!
    I also tried to delete the 'first' comment, a sort of welcome one, but I'm not sure it's worked. Then I tried to upload an image and only the title showed, not the image. Is there an idiots guide to creating a simple blog? I mean a real idiot...Thanks for any help

  2. Here's a good place to start. I typed "beginner" into the FAQ search box and this is the result:

    In addition there is a wealth of very useful information on Timethief's wordpress blog at

    Those two should get you going.

  3. (waving to thesacredpath)
    I think this FAQs post is a good starting point

  4. I also see an upload image tag so I'm posting the FAQs links to the instructions.

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