Date moved through CSS?

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    Current Theme: customized MistyLook by Sadish

    We are trying to take the date out of the post and move it off to the left, like you would find on Titan. We are wanting to add a “milkbone’ type effect to it.

    I know CSS and HTML fairly well, and understand that we don’t have access to HTML. I do have access to CSS though, the school made sure of that. I need to know how to pull the date out of the header and put it where I want it on each post.




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    Unfortunately, on MistyLook the date is lumped together with the author and there’s no way of separating them. You can float them to the left with p.postmetadata {float:left; width:100px} (change 100px to whatever width you think best), but in general you’ll find that a theme designed with CSS customisation in mind, such as Toolbox or Twenty-Eleven, will give you a lot more flexibility than older themes like MistyLook.

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