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    I made 3 posts on Dec. 11th… and one on Dec. 12th.

    All the posts are showing the current date. How can I change this so it holds the DAY I posted?


    Totally new to this blogging thing…


    The first thing you should check is that your UTC time offset is correct for your particular location. This is done by going to options > general and setting the “Times in the blog should differ by:” to the correct + or – offset.

    WordPress itself runs on UTC, so it’s important you have this offset set correctly.


    Ok… I changed that but it only represents the “time”… the time doesn’t show on my posts, only the date. So my main concern is that the date is changing with each day instead of holding the date I posted it.



    Please provide a link to your blog.

    The timesatmp may not be visible on your posts on the particular theme you chose to use but it does exist. -> Manage -> Posts locate the post and look outside the editor box to the far right side of the page. You will see a row of blue buttons. The last one in the row is Post Timestamp. Click it and it can be changed.


    Go to manage > posts and look at the dates under “when” for the particular posts. You can go into edit them, and then in the lower right under a blue header labeled “timestamp” you can edit the dates and times.

    If your time offset had not been set prior to publishing, it would have gone off of UTC. With UTC time, “midnight” is at 5pm my time. If my UTC offset was not set, then if I posted something at 5:01pm my time, it would actually show it as posting at 12:01 on the next day.

    I think now that you have your time offset correctly you will see that everything will be fine.



    edit: -> Manage -> Posts locate the post and click “edit”



    {@tsp – Too many cooks – Sorry – I’m out of here.


    @timethief – not a problem :-)


    LOL!!! Ok…… heads spinning!!

    Lemme go check what you both stated… I’m still a bit lost finding what I’m looking for.

    My blog is


    Ok, edited the DATE… I really don’t care about the “time”… but am i gonna have to keep editing the date the following day?

    The Date showed fine on Dec. 11th… displayed December 11, 2007, but today… all the posts showed December 12, 2007 and I thought to myself…… nah! I didn’t write 4 posts in one day! LOL….


    Sorry, we sort of ganged up on you. That happens from time to time.

    You should not have to edit the date again unless something really bizarre happened in the backend. Since we haven’t had any reports of it happening, I doubt there is a problem. Check it tomorrow, and if it changes on its own again, contact staff (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Pacific time) or using the “support” button in the upper right of your dashboard.


    Ok thanks … I’ll check tomorrow.


    You’re welcome, and here’s hoping tomorrow doesn’t end being today.

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