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    I see one problem.
    When i change date of the post (when i am adding something to old post, i am chenging date, to make it newest, and be on the top of alll posts), system changes the URL to , for example……..
    and old URL to this article are wrong.
    Can I change date od the post witout change URL?



    Every posts URL contains the date of publication.
    By changing the date you are breaking a link Google has already indexed. Don’t do it! Create a new post and link to the first on in it when you do an update. Read why breaking links by changing dates is a bad thing here >


    I have post, that i publicite. I dont want 10 posts, it is difficult for readers.
    I want to add text to the post, and make it newest. So i add text on the bottom, and i’m changing date of publication to make it on thet top of all posts. And system changes directory, in which post is plased. It is stupid, i dont want to change url, i only want to change date, which is used to sort posts.


    And what can you say about that?


    Where is autor of this system?
    Can hi change this?
    Only do not change directory after actualisation of post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is very simple, I think.


    Hello !
    Where is author of this system?


    Can You change something with this directories?
    Please , think about my problem!!!



    Changing datetamps on posts that have been indexed by search engines means when anyone uses a search engine, gets back search results containing links to pages that no longer exist, and clicks those links they will get 404 “Page not found” error.
    Please read this >


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    That would be why one would make such a post a “sticky post.”

    Stick it to the top, and change it as you like: it will retain its dated url. Though if you change a lot of the content often, you will probably run into some SEO indexing problem. The content for a reader using a search engine will have changed and perhaps will not be what he or she expected to see.


    It works. But in this “instruction” is said that i shoul use it only for 2 posts.
    I cant undertstand one thing. Why post are indexed on directories, not on date of publication? It is the reason of all problems. The bug? The bug in project?
    See my posts:

    This posts where edited during some mounths, even 1 year.
    And after every modification I changed the date to make it ont the top.
    I expected that the post will be on the top or near the top , because of the change of date, but in reasult system move post to diffrent directory (it si stupid!!!), and the old URL is invalid!!! It is the bug of project, I think.


    What is datetamps? It is dificult text for me. I must read it several times to understand.


    So in the index of post there is switch “stick”.
    What Is the problem to set after it “date of bublication” or ather date, whose change do’snt make chenage of directory of post?





    I suggest you stop doing what you are doing. You cannot make all your posts STICKY. You can make one post sticky. If you want to show off other posts because they are important, put a link to them in a text widget and call it Important Posts or something.

    Changing the date will cause all the links to be broken and tells search engines to ignore you. Don’t do that. Even if you don’t understand why it works that way, this is the way it works and you have to deal with it.

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