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    This has probably been asked before, but my search of the forums and support pages didn’t turn it up. Is there a plan to date-stamp pages the same way posts are date-stamped? My blog has many static pages which I edit from time to time. I’d love to have the pages automatically show when they were last updated.

    The blog I need help with is


    There used to be a number of themes that displayed times/dates on pages, but everyone complained so much that one a theme editing blitz about a year ago, staff took the dates/times off of pages for all themes.

    My suggestion is to just add the time/date at the top of the page when you write it if you feel you need it.



    Thanks for the information! Too bad it’s theme-dependent. It would be nice if it were a feature one could enable in the blog settings. (:


    It’s no longer theme dependent. No page on any theme displays the date/time. It was removed from all of them due to blogger requests, and there were a lot of them.

    To make it something that was user selectable would require an awful lot of work and would require that each theme be modified.



    I guess I’ll hope they create a widget that can do the job. Either that or I’ll make it part of a suggestion I’m thinking of submitting for improvements that involves some sort of storage area in the administration section for frequently used snippets of text.


    The thing is that they took the dates off of pages because a vast majority of people did not want them on there, so I doubt they are going to reverse things.

    Simply add a date at the top of the text for the body of the page.



    Yeah, for me it’s a matter of remembering to do that. It would be nice if it was automated to do it for me so I wouldn’t have to remember.

    Is there a way to find out what the objections were? I like to consider myself fairly open-minded, but I can’t for the life of me come up with even one reason that someone might have for objecting to date-stamping. I’m kind of surprised to find that my wish for that feature puts me in the minority. (:



    It was largely that it would make the pages look fusty and ancient, and as information on static pages is, by definition, static, that it was irrelevant.



    Darn – I guess that makes me old fashioned. Even though pages are static, you might find an error or something that could be worded more clearly on reviewing them later. I appreciate it when a page lets me know how recent it is. At any rate, as thesacredpath said, I can manually insert that information, so I guess this topic is resolved. Although I started it, I don’t seem to have the power to mark it resolved, so if an administrator comes across it, feel free to do so. (:


    The page dates would not change upon edit if they showed the dates. Just like posts, if you wanted the date to change, you would have to manually change the published date/time stamp in order for the date to change. On my “legal” page, I put a revision date at the bottom of the post, and when I make revisions to that page, I change the revision date.



    It looks like that will be the way I have to do it on the pages where I think it’s important to have a date. Thanks for all the help!


    You’re welcome.

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