dates are wrong on 2 posts

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    i published 2 posts and the dates are wrong on my front page i drafted these posts a week ago , how can i change the date

    The blog I need help with is






    got the answer :) you cannot change the date



    Which posts, what date did you write them and what date did you set them to be published? You haven’t given us much to go by and bumping a forum thread after 3 hours is considered bad form, just to let you know! If you edit the post you should be able to set the date from the Publish section, but this will change the permalink to the individual post so if you or anyone else has bookmarked/linked to it previous to making this change, the links will end up broken.



    Did you READ sticky –top of Forum?
    Did you READ hallluke reply?

    You have had a blog on WP for two YEARS –but you don’t know Forum protocol –‘self-serve’ –or manners?

    1. Did you ACTUALLY search First before posting?
    Way NOT hard –to find threads:
    and LOADS of material in WP How To, or gee, LOOK at the DASHBOARD

    2. When posting in Forum: you are asking Other bloggers, volunteers,
    for help –but YOUR question so Important –Urgent you bump it
    –display bad manners to get In Front of the line to get attention???
    So if Others think THEIR question is MORE Important than yours:
    shall we be ‘treated’ to bump contest?

    3. Want a reputation? No prob, do those things again, Everybody
    will put you/your “important” “urgent” question on *Ignore*

    4. Here’s Another Hint: ever cook food for someone, and they
    just walk away without a word? IF you get a Reply –someone took
    their time to answer you: Forum Manners –come back and Thank.
    –Or not, your choice.


    @halluke , its my latest 2 on the main page , but i’m not doing it because i searched the forum and found out what you said in your above statement

    @poppy8sd , sorry if i upset you , i think its my first bump , i wanted to catch the experts while they were on , but i will consider myself told of


    edit , i tried to alter the dates on the night before i posted but they did not change but they must have changed when i turned of my pc and back on to-day

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