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Dates messed up

  1. I'm using WordPress blog as sort of a content management system where it's never published, or online, but I feed the content into a webpage on my basketball site. I'm gooing to be having 60-70 users enter scores for area basjetball teams and when they publlish their post it will automatically get updated on my "Scores" page within the website.

    I'm testing it right now and everything is working fine except one thing. Yesterday I posted 5 fake games and their scores. The date was 9/19/06.

    I went in today, registered myself as a user, pretending to be one of the other users, and posted another game score. I went to my Scores page where the blog feeds into and the date for the post was right, but the 5 I posted yesterday, their dates all changed to 9/20/06. I of course don't want that to happen. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

  2. I find it most interesting that you published yesterday but have only been a member here of 22 minutes.

    My guess is that you're using the WordPress software which is different than what we run here and are hosted elsewhere. If that is correct, you're at the wrong site and need to be over at

    This is covered in The Read me First at the head of the forums.

    Good luck,

  3. You are right. I'm using the WordPress blog provided by my hosting provider, Dotster. I thought this was the main site for this software. I'll try Thanks

  4. No problem. :)

    Good luck,

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