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    Hey, I have had my blog up on wordpress since about July, but only now have I noticed that on every post at the top, that day in July that I started the account appears and the actual date of the post is no where to be seen. Is there some way I can fix this?



    I have no idea how that happened. You can fix each one manually by changing the Post Timestamp but that will be tedious. Maybe send feedback?




    thats whats REALLY weird. When I edit the post and I click on the little + icon to edit the timestamp, it says that the current timestamp is, in fact, the correct time and date at which it was posted. It even says, “Existing Timestamp:” and then the correct time, which is clearly not right. But when I click the little checkbox and save the changes to the post, it has no effect on the post itself or the date. I’m so confused.

    Maybe theres something I don’t get about timestamps? It’s really getting annoying.



    Is the time set properly on your General Options page? => Dashboard -> Options – > General Options (scroll down and find)

    Date and Time
    UTC time is: 2007-01-08 3:36:10 am
    Times in the weblog should differ by: hours (Your timezone offset, for example -6 for Central Time.)
    Default date format:
    Output: January 7, 2007
    Default time format:
    Output: 7:42 pm
    Documentation on date formatting. Click “Update options” to update sample output.
    Weeks in the calendar should start on:

    The appropriate spots above ought to be set for your time zone (not mine as you see above) set it again, then click “update options”. Because unless it’s correct here then the other part won’t be. :)



    I’d send feedback with specifics before I would started editing any posts.




    The default date format is July 14 2006. I guess that explains it, but what do I do now? Do I just change that to todays date and that fixes all the posts or something?

    This is also later on the page.

    “Documentation on date formatting. [<this is a link that i can press] Click “Update options” to update sample output.”



    Please send in a feedback and let a staff member see this. Sounds like a theme bug to me and I would hate to see you make unneeded changes. Please give a link to this thread so that staff see’s that we discussed it.

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