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    Remove date and time stamp

    The blog I need help with is


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    Your “wisdom” link is a link to your blog. Blogs consist of posts (articles) published in reverse chronological order, so they are dated. Your readers will see the latest information from your site, confirmed by the date stamp on the post.

    You can use with only pages.

    But understanding the difference between posts and pages is a giant step toward how you organize your site.

    It is (probably—I’m a volunteer without any expertise with Cascading Style Sheets) possible to buy a CSS upgrade to remove the date stamp from posts:



    Got it. Thanks for the posts vs. pages reference. I read it before, but undecided on how to organize. Need to know what limitations are first.

    I’ve read other similar questions/threads. Read about a plug-in, deleting code, etc. I’m getting the idea (but not REALLY sure) that it’s totally possible to remove date and time from posts in several different ways. If I upgrade, I can “customize” with CSS, code, plug-ins.

    BUT – not with the free versions of templates? Would that be the answer?

    I can’t actually find that little detail in any of the Word Press support topics…I’m still looking.
    If that’s the case, it would be good to just know that. Then I can make a decision.



    You cannot hide any date or timestamp on any theme here at without purchasing a custom design upgrade and doing the required CSS editing.



    Ah. Okay.
    I’ve got the free version. There’s no Editor, no way to save any change manually. That’s gotta be the explanation.

    Thanks for the feedback, guys.



    Yes, I posted the correct answer above.

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