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day 3 still cannot download photos

  1. sheridanwhiteside

    any advice ? ive followed previous advive, downloading google chrome, cookies etc. im still none the wiser.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. sheridanwhiteside

    upload. and ive cleared cookies.

  3. sheridanwhiteside

    it says error on page, and 'gravator is undefined'

  4. Wait, are you uploading an avatar? Do that on the page itself, it seems to work better.

  5. sheridanwhiteside

    Im not uploading an avatar. i already have one, but at the bottom of my screen i get a warning sign, and when i click on it it says 'gravatar is undefined.
    So i've been trying to define it (whatever that entails).
    Still no luck and still unable to upload any photos.

  6. Hmm, that sounds like you need staff intervention. I'll flag this for them.

  7. sheridanwhiteside

    thanks for your help

  8. Please try enabling HTTPS following this guide:

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