Day 3 still not fixed :(

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    For past few days it seems I’ve had people visiting my blogs and clicking ‘Like’ on posts, but all ‘Likes’ not showing; can anyone solve it, thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    There was a brief issue 3 days ago that was resolved. Please go to > Settings > Sharing and made sure you have re-enabled the like button display and then click “save changes” again.


    Hi TT, thanks for responding (I will also respond to prior post);
    I have just done the above steps as you have advised but there
    has been no change. I will now log off and try another browser
    to see what happens; if there is no change I will post details as
    requested, thanks :)


    I wonder if it’s anything to do with the changes mentioned in this:


    I’m not sure Bird; I looked at the link and all the people who liked that post are showing up under it so I’m thinking the changes are not affecting that.
    I seem to have been affected by the wp glitch which hit them3 days ago, but mine isn’t fixed yet; hope it will be soon :)
    But thanks for replying, appreciate it :)


    Well I still do not have any little ‘Likes’ pictures etc showing up. Tried having a look whilst signed out and discovered something else rather odd. My tiny little blog now has an advert under each picture :) I thought that was only for the big big blogs. I’m glad though that they’ve chosen a nice one; I have Disney, I love Disney :D


    I got ’em :D they’ve appeared on the front, lol due to changes I had to tick some sharing buttons!



    Hi dovesgold… can u explain how you solve it?

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