De Po article in mddle column disappeared!

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    Something odd has happened to my blog! I have DePo and was experimenting with the ”More“ line that gets added where I would make a split in the text because it is too long.

    Well, I read someone else’s comments on it, and followed the suggestion of the person who was helping. That person said to type <!Read more…> so I went to one of my posts to do it. After I did it, the left hand article got garbled. I did something to fix it, but then the post in he center column go garbled!!!

    I went into the html and deleted all of that <!read ore..> thing and believe that I got rid of all of it, but I still have one post missing — that middle post which now is a bunch of garbled text.

    Also, while I was clicking around trying to do something, a message came up and asked if I wanted to compare them (I forgot what now!!) and I clicked Yes. Then the screen went black, and then some text began appearing at the top of the page mentioning something about not following the green bunny or the green rabbit.

    I thought that my blog was being hacked!!!!!!! What is going on? Do you know?????

    I want my article back — the one that was in the middle column.



    Also, I went to Manage Posts to see if I could fix things, and I now have the following text in that post which I have deleted and erased. No matter how I try to get rid of it…… it remains!!!!

    <!--more WhateverTextHere-->

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dddddddddddddddd ssssssssssssssyyyyyyw yysys xx<!–Read more and Comment –> sjjjjs slllssssslw’eikeeeelrtyuiop[hjkff frde0d9rkkjxcvbnm,.sdfghjkltyuio

    <!–Read more and Comment –>



    1. Your blog looks fine – or are you talking about another blog?

    2. No you’re not hacked or anything. The green etc. thing is a wp joke, coming up when you attempt the absurdity of comparing a post revision to itself.

    3. Whoever told you to type <!Read more…> was wrong. There are two forms of the more tag, plain and customized. The first is this:
    It’s the one produced when you press the “more” button of your editor, and the result will be the phrase that the designer of the theme has chosen (in Depo’s case, “Read more and comment”).

    The second will display a phrase you prefer:
    <!--more PHRASE_YOU_PREFER_HERE-->

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