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    Hi Please advise how to deactivate a theme and get the default appearance settings

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Anupama,

    Which default appearance settings would you like to revert to? Did you change settings within your theme, or do you mean you don’t want the theme you chose? If you would like to deactivate your theme, you will need to choose another to replace it. There are more than 270 to choose from in the Theme Showcase, so hopefully you will find one you love. Once you have found one you like you will need to activate the new theme.

    To activate a theme, visit Appearance → Themes in any site’s dashboard or from the Theme Showcase and click the Activate button.

    For more information about themes, here is a great support doc:
    And here is a great guide to getting started with your blog:

    Hope that helps!



    Hi Andrea I mean I was not using any themes and I tried one but I didn’t like I want to deactivate the theme …I don’t need any themes..


    Hi Anupama,

    I am not sure that it is possible to run a blog without a theme. What did your blog look like when you first began? There is not a way to reset, but I just set up a dummy blog to see what it looked like without selecting a theme, and the default theme was The Ryu Theme. Is that what yours looked like? If so you can activate the Ryu Theme on your site and it will change the appearance of your blog. Hope that helps!




    Hi Andrea..No it is not Ryu theme…But I found something close to my previous appearance though its not as good as the original..But now I have to bear with it.. Any how can u please explain what is RSS



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