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    Why can’t I deactivate account? I signed up at the suggestion of a friend, and then found that I don’t really like it. Now I am stuck; you are connected to me and I cannot “unregister.” Is there some agenda here? Why in the world do you want to keep my registration? It’s none of your business … so disconnect and erase my info from your company! (I cancelled my blog, that I’d never started, I made sure my profile says nothing about me, and I blocked your emails.)


    Why isn’t there an option to deactivate the account? I barely ever use my account and I’d like to de-activate it and stop receiving e-mails.



    You can stop the emails by clicking on the link at the bottom of each one and unsubscribing.


    Please tell me how to deactivate my wordpress account. I am not good at it and I lost interest. Sorry.



    Accounts are forever here – prevents me from taking your ID and impersonating you on the internet – so it helps to keep you safe – see below on how to clear your information and abandon the account

    This should help:

    Clear account info.



    Your only option is to ignore it. Put it out of your mind. Move on. Never come back. Leave it alone. Blogs can be deleted, accounts live forever. Delete any personal information, change the password to something ridiculous, and forget it.

    Usernames are unique, they cannot be duplicated. If raincoaster deleted her account, and I could register her username again, there’d be nothing stopping me from imitating her. Therefore it’s just easier not to allow usernames to expire.




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