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Dead Blogs

  1. Is there ever going to be a day when blogs that have never been used for months and years are allowed to be up for grabs again?

  2. It's possible. We have considered reviewing our policy regarding inactive blogs, but there is nothing formal to announce at this time.

  3. Any chance of opening up blog names that have been deleted? I originally created a blog, deleted it because I thought I would self-host, then reconsidered and created the blog again here. It'd be very nice to be able to get the blog name that I originally used back.

  4. One more thought: as a new user on, I've had a really hard time finding a good blog name that's not already taken. Most of the ones I've searched were setup two or three years ago but never used. Surely these obviously unused "Hello World" blogs could/should be deleted after a sufficient amount of time has passed and the owner has been given ample warnings?

  5. Blogs that have been used or deleted won't be recycled because of the potential for abuse.

  6. speaking of deleting old blogs :) i am coming back to my WP account after a long time of not using it. for the life of me i cannot find a page that allows me to delete my 2 old blogs and start a new one. i just don't want them hanging around my dashboard for the sake of neatness. thanks for any help and apologies if i posted this in a bad place

  7. @luciajohnson In your dashboard you will find at the bottom of the left navigation sidebar under the settings tab "Delete Blog"

  8. thank you, i'm sure if it were a snake it would have bitten me...

  9. You're welcome!!! =)

  10. @frayzhe-If you find such a blog, try leaving a comment for the owner. Maybe they'll transfer it to you.

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