Dead email account, forgot password — No longer have access to my account/blog!

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    Hello WordPress Support:

    I am writing from a different WordPress account than the one I am addressing in this question. The account I am having an issue with is a different username. This account is connected to old email address of mine.

    Thinkhost, the host of this email account, no longer hosts emails so I do not have access to this email address anymore. I also do not remember the password I set for thehotpotato WordPress account, so I am not able to get into my blog!

    Please kindly help me access my blog.
    Thank you!!


    If you try logging in to your old account, and then press Forgot Password. There is a button on there that says Need More Help? If you press that you will end up at the Account Recovery Form (here where you can answer some questions and wordpress will help you get your account back, you’ll need to provide some proof of you being the owner of the account (API Key, Transaction ID, or draft post/page names).

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