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dear god where did the avatars go?

  1. Okay, I'm hungover but I'm not drunk. Avatars are showing in my Recent Comments widget, but not on my Custom CSS'd blog. Anyone else getting the same thing? Wassup with that?

  2. Ditto, same on my blog. Yes on the widget, no next to the actual comment.

  3. And you've got custom CSS as well, I note.

  4. It's Friday, there was another problem with losing all the Dashboard formatting in another thread so I'm expecting staff to change something major-ish which will incur thousands to descend upon these forums to complain/ask about it. ;)

  5. Good point. I should start drinking again.

  6. I've been seeing all sorts of bizarre so my guess is staff are rearranging digits in the back room.

  7. Indeed I have custom CSS as well. Let me have a look at one of my other blogs.. and they're also gone.

    Widespread problem it is then.

  8. Is this still going on or is this resolved?

  9. Still ongoing - none are showing on my blog, either

  10. I have custom CSS and mine are gone as well. I thought it was because I've been restyling my page and screwed something up, so thanks for making me feel better! ;)

  11. No worries, but hopefully it'll be resolved. I'll stick a Modlook on this.

  12. Obviously this happens just when I changed my avatar!

  13. DAMN YOU!

  14. Hey, don't you be looking at me, it ain't my fault! Although admittedly, the timing was impeccable..

  15. Has anyone actually submitted a request to staff yet?

  16. Uh. You first.

  17. Involves far too much effort, but, cause it's for the greater good, etc.. Done.

  18. Have the same problem and had a feeling it wasn't just me. Avatars show up in my comment feed on the sidebar, but not in the actual comments themselves. It's just a blank space where it should be. Hope this gets resolved soon.

  19. Update:

    I've just had a reply from Hanni stating that this is fixed and I can see it's fixed on blogs that do not have the CSS upgrade.

    However, my avatars are still missing as are raincoaster's. I've replied to Hanni and we'll see what she/support say.

  20. Rain, you have a new avatar, right - recently changed? Could be the system's burping back your old one or shooting out a blank. That went on for SIX MONTHS when I changed mine.

  21. Still no avatars on my blog. Doesn't support work 'round the clock now?

  22. No avatars here, either

  23. They will return - sorry for the breakage.

  24. yup i see nothing too. :-(

  25. Thanks for letting us know, Mark.

  26. Fixed.

    And now the back story, for those interested. Yesterday we stopped showing avatars for pingbacks and trackbacks, by popular demand. Those don't map to actual email addresses so it doesn't make sense to show them. To do this we checked for particular comment types. As it turns out, Sandbox and four other themes do stuff that leads to the comment type being something unexpected. This broke avatar display for those themes. I tested the change against a bunch of blogs, but of course none of them were running one of the unlucky five. My fault, and my apologies for the avatar interruption.

  27. Thank goodness you found the problem. I missed the avatars!

  28. Hi Ryan, thanks a lot for the explanation and for bringing the avatars back.

  29. Yay! Glad they're back and thanks for fixing this on the weekend.

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