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Dear Mr. President

  1. brittneysamonesilver1989

    By Brittney Samone Silver

    Dear are the dreams of many Americans in the trying times of today. Distant are the memories of comfort and security. Long gone are days of blithe living. We need a change Mr. President, a change in behavior and existence. I believed in you in 2008 and I believe in you still. Many people are losing hope, too many are lacking faith.

    In my upbringing, my parents raised me to lead and dream big. In our current society, children are encouraged to follow and aim low. Generations are being raised by violence and ignorance. These are not happenings which have just begun. Yet, as our leader, you must carry the weight of what has been and what is to come.

    Mr. President, we need a change; a change that will not only re-elect at the poles but empower the minds of the weak and encourage the minds of leaders. We need a change that will reaffirm hope. Families are suffering, children are starving, and dreams are shattering. But you are the dream Mr. President. You represent us all. Mr. President, dear are the dreams of many Americans in the trying times of today. Mr. President, we need a change.

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  2. Oh. I get it. This is one of your blog posts - except it's here, as well as on your blog.

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    @brittneysamonesilver1989, just put a link to the post in showcase, have a look at a few other post's.

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